Photo Gallery

Here's a little insight on the activities, fun, and people here.


Anna loves to trot

Dayton rides as the Cammo Cowboy.

This is Carli and her Mom. They give the horses a big thumbs up.

Monty Roberts discusses his philosophy and technique to Star News Reporter.

Linda and Monty Roberts discuss philosophy and technique to Star News Reporter.

Arena under construction- day 2


Linda presents the certificate of completion to riders at the Year-End Halloween party.

William checks out Dunny's fake blood and hatchet costume

Sundance has his eye on the witches "magic sucker" at the halloween party.

Safety always comes first for Taylor

Sundance gets a 1 year birthday party and invites his closest horse and human friends (complete with party hats)

Some guests have no manners! Bart decides to check out the carrot cake before we had a chance to sing.


Kathleen, Linda and Heather "horsing around" in the stalls.

Linda and Kathleen staffing the phones at the KARE 11 phone bank during a feature promoting volunteerism. Tuesday, June 24, 2003


KMSP Channel 9 photographer, M.A. Rosko (Ch.9 reporter), Linda, and Cathy Wurzer (MN public radio) pose for a photo while doing a story on Monty Roberts.

Oslo is curious of the new arena construction

We couldn't do it without Cecelia, Linda's mom, who helps out around the barn!

Colin and Dunny pose for a picture at Sundance's cowboy-theme birthday party!

Jessica gets a step up from her mom as she prepares to ride.

Linda Kreuser and Terry Ventura pictured at the Govenor's send off party. Jessie's 17 year old horse was donated to the program by the Ventura's.